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The Process

As designers, the question that we always come across from our clients is: “How do I start?”. For most clients, the Interior Design process is usually a gray area not always being discussed in detail before a project starts. Here, we will explain step-by-step the process of working with us as your designer.

01: Consultation

Tell us about your dream room. After going over fees and the design agreement, we will visit your place and we get to work together on your vision.

You will get initial layout options for approval.

02: Initial Concept Stage

03: Concept

04: Final Design

05: Shopping time

06: Install

Can't wait to start or have more questions? Find us here.

It’s been an exciting start of 2022 for us as we launch Syrenka Home. We were previously called Hannmade Interiors, an Interior Design company in Singapore which started in 2015. It was a roller coaster ride as we figure out what is in store for Hannmade Interiors. Fast forward to 2022, we are now a women-led studio team of three, and have renamed the home styling branch of Syrenka Studio as Syrenka Home.

A word of thanks

We are so grateful for our clients the past years who have continued to refer us to their friends and friends of friends. If you’d like to inquire or connect with us for a project, we could easily be reached through our contact form.

Follow us too on Instagram if you’d like to see how we work.

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