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We create spaces that are purposeful and tell a story.

In polish, Syrenka translates to Mermaid. She is typically depicted armed with a sword and shield.

We, as a women-led studio, are identified with a strong and creative spirit.

Syrenka home is the Home Design branch of Syrenka Studio. We provide home styling or full interiorservices and  an online homeware shop (coming soon).


We cater mostly to projects around Zurich and beyond.


Meet the

Coming from a strong hospitality design background, residential design came naturally for us. We are an international team that have found one single path because of our passion in design.


We imbibe an eclectic design style that resonates through all our projects.

Hannah is based in Zurich, Janka in Singapore, and Dayu in Indonesia. We share our passion in design, travel, and wine.

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